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Cracker Évad 1 (1997)

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Cracker sorozat Season 1 16 epizódjának rövid leírásai, megjelenések dátumaival, szereplők listájával, képekkel, ha kíváncsi vagy a Cracker sorozatra akkor itt hasznos információkat találsz a Season 1 epizódjairól.

Epizódok száma: 16

Főszereplők: Josh Hartnett , R. Lee Ermey , Angela Featherstone ,

Epizód lista

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Ep.1 True Romance (1)

Megjelent: 1997-09-18

Fitz assists the police department in tracking down a serial killer who claims to be in love with him. With the clock ticking and minimal evidence to move the investigation along, Fitz must find a way to locate the killer before she strikes again. As if that weren't enough, Fitz is also having problems at home: Judith, his wife, is on the verge of throwing in the towel on their marriage; and Michael, his teen-aged son, finds it extremely difficult to relate to his equally troubled father.

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Ep.2 True Romance (2)

Megjelent: 1997-09-25

Fitz' son, Michael becomes the next target for attack by the serial killer who claims to be in love with Fitz and he must race against the clock to find the killer before his son joins her other victims.

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Ep.3 Madwoman

Megjelent: 1997-10-02

Fitz is hard-pressed to prove the innocence of a murder suspect claiming to have amnesia, despite a mountain of evidence against him. Fitz also tries to woo Judith back home.

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Ep.4 Lemmings Will Fly

Megjelent: 1997-10-09

When a teacher is suspected of killing a young male student, Fitz' mesmerizing interrogation leads to a startling conclusion. Meanwhile, Fitz considers a proposition from Tyler after discovering that Judith is dating their marriage counselor.

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Ep.5 Hell Hath No Fury

Megjelent: 1997-10-16

When a newborn baby goes missing from the hospital, Fitz is convinced the kidnapper is a woman regardless of the witnesses and video evidence.

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Ep.6 'Tis Pity She's a Whore

Megjelent: 1997-10-23

Fitz joins forces with the LAPD as they track a severely disturbed young couple. Meanwhile, Judith rejects Fitz' latest plea to move back home.

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Ep.7 Sons and Lovers

Megjelent: 1997-11-06

When a young boy is accused of murdering his mother, Fitz retraces the victim's final hours, determined to find another explanation for the vicious crime. Meanwhile, Fitz's family bonding efforts at Sunday dinner blow up in his face.

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Ep.8 Talk to Me

Megjelent: 1997-11-13

When a controversial radio personality is being stalked by one of her listeners, Fitz's investigation yields shocking and deadly results. Meanwhile, Fitz discovers that Judith has plans to spend a romantic evening with their marriage counselor and retaliates by taking Tyler to the same restaurant.

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Ep.9 An American Dream

Megjelent: 1997-12-11

A famous porn star has been murdered, and the evidence seems to indicate that her estranged father is involved. Meanwhile, Fitz has a heart attack, which brings Judith back for a temporary reconciliation.

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Ep.10 If (1)

Megjelent: 1998-01-17

Fitz assists the police in tracking down a serial killer who's killings have all the earmarkings of being revenge killings on the behalf of his severely injured wife. Meanwhile, Judith admits a betrayal of marriage to Fitz.

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Ep.11 If (2)

Megjelent: 1998-01-24

Fitz and the police are startled to discover that the next target for the serial killer is someone they all have a relationship with, putting them under far more pressure, as things become increasingly dangerous. However, there is some uplifting news, as Judith's admission of betrayal somehow brings both herself and Fitz together again.

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Ep.12 The Club

Megjelent: 1999-02-26

Investigating the death of a young woman at a "rave", Fitz discovers a group of teens who have formed a sex club.

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Ep.13 Best Boys

Megjelent: 1999-03-05

Fitz investigates the murders of a landlady and a social worker.

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Ep.14 First Love (1)

Megjelent: 1999-05-22

Fitz helps the police track a serial killer when a police officer is kidnapped.

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Ep.15 First Love (2)

Megjelent: 1999-05-22

When the serial killer abducts a police officer, Fitz takes it upon himself to interrogate Renauldi about the identity of the killer he's protecting.

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Ep.16 Faustian Fitz

Megjelent: 1999-03-12

Fitz is investigating the murder of a little girl.