Saina Nehwal : Age, Husband, Family, Boyfriend, Biography, and More

Saina Nehwal : Age, Husband, Family, Boyfriend, Biography, and More

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Saina Nehwal is a professional Indian badminton singles player. She has been honored with many titles. She has won over 24 international titles and 11 superseries. She is also a former world No.1.

Saina Nehwal has been an inspiration for many youngsters all over the country. She is the reason India has been put on the map with all the milestones and achievements in badminton.

Saina was born in Hisar but she later moved to Hyderabad due to her father's transfer. She started-playing badminton at the age of 8. She took it up as a way to express herself as she struggles with the local language and making friends.

Saina Nehwal's parents enrolled her in a karate class where she also performed very well. She trained there for a year and received a brown belt. Although she dipped her feet in many sports, she knew badminton was the one.

She mainly took up badminton to fulfill her mother's dream of becoming a national player. Usha Rani, her mother was a state-level badminton player back in Haryana. Harwir Singh Nehwal, her father was one of the top badminton players in the university. They both had their interests in badminton and so they pushed Saina to fulfill them.

Saina Nehwal , today has not only made her parents proud but has made the entire country stand tall. Her achievements are unmatched as she is the only female from India to rank No.1. Saina is overall the second Indian player to rank No. 1.

Saina also has released an autobiography called ‘Playing to Win: On and Off Field’ after she won the gold medal in the Olympics in 2012. She was also gifted a BMW by Sachin Tendulkar for her victory.

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