Rani Chatterjee : Age, Husband, Family, Boyfriend, Biography, and More

Rani Chatterjee : Age, Husband, Family, Boyfriend, Biography, and More

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Rani Chatterjee is an Indian film actress. She is known for working very actively in the Bhojpuri -language films. Rani Chatterjee who is known by her screen name was born with the name Sabiha Shaikh.

Rani was born and brought up in a Muslim family in Mumbai Maharashtra. She completed her schooling in Mumbai itself and got offered her first film when she was in the 10th standard.

Rani Chatterjee started her film career in 2004 with the hit Bhojpuri film, Sasura Bada Paisawala with the role of 'Rani'. The name was given to her during the shooting of the film by director Ajay Sinha to hide her Muslim identity.

Rani revealed that while shooting the movie, she had a scene in the temple where she had to bang her head on the floor. There were a few media personnel as well as a crowd that had gathered at the location. They wanted to interview her but the director let like revealing her Muslim identity could be controversial and that was how the name, Rani Chatterjee was born.

Rani Chatterjee's film later went on to become a super-hit in the box office and made many records. Although her parents were upset with the situation, the name brought her immense luck. Rani Chat-terjee starred alongside Manoj Tiwari in the film.

Rani Chatterjee has thereafter become a big name in the Bhojpuri industry and won several awards for her performance in the film. She won the award for the 'Best Actress of the Year' for Nagin in the 6th Bhojpuri Awards 2013.

Rani Chatterjee has become one of the highest-paid actresses in the Bhojpuri industry and has got offered a lot of work since her debut. She has worked in over 300 films over a few years.

Rani has quickly become of the now well-known names in the Bhojpuri industry. Apart from just acting, she is also an amazing dancer and is also a television presenter.

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